‘A true love and appreciation of wild places and the people who live within them is rooted deep in Joanna, and is reflected throughout her writing.’
Jean du Plessis, Safari guide, Founder of Wayo Africa, Presenter, Animal Planet

‘A really beautifully written piece which absolutely captures your Moroccan experience, thank you.’
Alex Edwards, Natural High Safaris

‘This article is superb, Joanna, I couldn’t be happier.  Many thanks indeed and congratulations.’

Will Jones, Founder, Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy


I am a writer, editor and communications consultant. I help companies and individuals tell engaging stories about the beauty of and threats to the natural world.  I am collaborative in my approach and have partnered with many photographers, charities, publishers and businesses to produce features, content, books, speeches and communications’ projects. 

My long-standing interests include man’s relationship with nature, remote places and travel, wildlife conservation and indigenous cultures and I am committed to issues relating to the natural world and our place in it.  Click here for further details.

My features have been published in many global publications including: National Geographic, The Times, BBC Wildlife, Observer, Guardian, Condé Nast, Daily Mail, Atlantic, Huffington Post and syndicated in many languages. Click here for Joanna’s portfolio of commissions.

In 2011, I was invited to join National Geographic Voices as a regular contributor.  National Geographic Voices is a platform where conservationists share stories, insights and ideas about the planet, wildlife, wild spaces and the human journey.

I have created collaborative photographic anthologies designed to engage new audiences with the natural world, including ‘We are One: A Celebration of Tribal Peoples’ (for Survival International, published by Quadrille, 2009), and ‘Portrait of England’ (for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, published by Think Publishing, 2006). Click here for book details.  

In 2010, actor Sir Mark Rylance directed a one-off theatre performance for Survival International based on ‘We are One’ at the Apollo Theatre, London, with actors including Gillian Anderson, Emilia Fox, Julie Christie, Derek Jacobi and Michael Gambon. Click here.

My talks on the power of storytelling to raise awareness of the natural world include sessions at the Hay Festival, Royal Geographical Society’s ‘Explore’ conference, Falmouth University and the Bristol Natural History Consortium.   

Selected Work


  • Tracking chimpanzees in the Mahale rainforest, Tanzania (The Times)
  • The world’s last uncontacted tribes (National Geographic)
  • The world’s most threatened tribe (Independent)
  • Living with lions (BBC Wildlife Magazine)
  • The return of wild horses to the Mongolia (Geographical)
  • A journey through Galicia’s wild west (Observer)
  • Dolphin tracking in the Alboran Sea (The Times)
  • The Hadza hunter-gatherer tribe of the Great Rift Valley (Life Force Magazine)
  • The nomadic Nenets of Siberia (Atlantic)
  • Karapiru (Independent on Sunday)
  • Born Free: the legacy (BBC Wildlife magazine)
  • Tribal Heroines (Guardian)
  • Cultural concepts of wilderness (Huffington Post)
  • Trekking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains (Daily Beast)
  • Gardens of Cornwall (Guardian)
  • On patrol with anti-rhino poaching rangers in Kenya (Daily Beast)
  • Wildebeest migration in Tanzania (Journeys Magazine)
  • Walking with Innu Indians across Canadian sub-arctic (Sidetracked Magazine)
  • Why tribal languages matter (Guernica magazine)
  • ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ and the effect on children (Huffington Post)
  • Patrick Leigh-Fermor and the remote Mani peninsula (Daily Beast)
  • Trekking in the northern Serengeti (Daily Beast)
  • Michael and Clare Morpurgo’s ‘Farms for City Children’ (Huffington Post)
  • Travelling in the footsteps of David Livingstone in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana (Daily Mail)
  • Sleeping in a Santorini cave (Daily Beast)
  • The writings of Bartolome de las Casas (Guernica)
  • Samburu warriors and the conservation of the world’s rare Grevys Zebra (National Geographic ‘Voices’).

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  • Zac Goldsmith
  • Soil Association
  • PRIDE Alliance
  • Survival International
  • Forster PR
  • Hill and Knowlton Sustainability
  • Wayo Africa
  • Carbon Neutral Company
  • Borana Conservancy
  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • Natural High Safaris
  • Prince of Wales Foundation
  • Journeys by Design


  • We are One, a celebration of tribal peoples
  • Portrait of England
  • Liberty and Livelihood: a Portrait of life in Rural Britain


  • Hay Festival
  • Falmouth University
  • Royal Geographical Society ‘Explore’ conference
  • Bristol Natural History Consortium’s ‘Communicate’ conference