Joanna it’s brilliant. My goodness I don’t think I’ve seen such a spread of conservation orgs represented in one place in any article. How you got us all in while keeping the pace going and not having people’s quotes repeat points is miraculous. Bravo, and thank you. 

Mike Pflanz, Media Advisor

Thank you so much for such a positive story! It is beautifully written, and I can feel the spirit and sound of Lewa-Borana and northern Kenya in it … I love that you do a good job of balancing narratives from different individuals, whilst keeping rhino conservation as centre of the narrative.
– Wanjiku Kinuthia, Communications Officer, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

I have worked with Joanna Eede on many conservation-related projects over the years. We filmed a few wildlife documentaries together and Jo wrote articles on our work in Tanzania. A true love and appreciation of wild places and the people who live within is rooted deep in her, which is reflected throughout her writing. Its a joy spending time with Jo in the wilderness and to experience her appreciation for the places and people.
– Jean du Plessis, Director, Wayo Africa

@Jossums Thank you for your great piece in @NatGeo on Tusk sponsored operation to return rhino to Samburu

Beautifully written as always 🙂

Dr. Alayne Cotterill, Founder, Lion Landscapes

Judges comments on Joanna’s article about Black rhino conservation in Kenya that won a 2019 ATTA media award:

“An excellent piece that captivated and delivered from start to finish. I felt like I was ‘there’.”     

“A totally captivating and well developed article in terms of placement, story and content.”

“Without trying too hard, the writer sprinkled magnetism and romance into physical descriptions.”



Thanks Joanna, you capture everything brilliantly.
– Michael Dyer, Owner, Borana Conservancy

Jo supported our corporate communication team with regular articles for the internal newsletter. This involved conducting management interviews, story generation and handling the approval process. Jo is always very quick to grasp the subject matter and can create lively and engaging copy about any business topic. We particularly appreciated her flexibility as notice was often short and deadlines tight. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo.
– Justine van Buttingha Wichers, Refresco

Your writing is fantastic… I love your style, how easily it reads and the fact that you incorporate such wonderful research into it! It makes for an enriching article..
– Kate Higgs, Marketing Manager, Jenman African Safaris

Jo’s writing has been invaluable to us at Natural High, the articles she has written and published on our adventures have always captured our essence and communicated the experiences perfectly. As a result they’ve been very successful in driving potential clients to enquire and book travel with Natural High.
– Alex Edwards, Founder, Natural High Safaris

“A really good article.”

Paul Presley, Editor, Geographical Magazine.

I felt like I was on the journey with you both reading this, you certainly ‘get’ Born Free.
– Shirley Galligan, PR Director, Born Free Foundation

I loved your Morocco migration piece …
– Catherine Fairweather, Travel Editor, Porter Magazine

“I had the pleasure of working with Joanna in the School of Economics, Finance and Management at the University of Bristol. Her ability to tell a compelling story in an engaging yet succinct way proved invaluable in helping with the recruitment campaign we had been asked to deliver. She is very gifted at listening to often very complex and rather dry subjects and turning them into something that is interesting and understandable. No mean feat when dealing with the world of economics and finance!”

Will Marsh, Head of Media / Deputy Head of Communications

Joanna wrote the first feature article on Pride – an alliance of 6 lion conservationists working across Africa. We had worked with Joanna before and had full confidence in her ability to communicate what exactly Pride is. We believe she did a fantastic job and all Pride members were thrilled with the article. Joanna was easy to work with, understood our challenging schedules and timings, and overall seemed to get a grasp of Pride at its early stages. We really hope to be able to work with Joanna again – she is a great writer.
– Shivani Bhalla from Ewaso Lions

Joanna Eede just wrote this great piece about the formation of the Pride Lion Conservation Alliance for National Geographic, of which RCP’s Director Amy Dickman is a founding member:

Natural High ‏@NatHighTravel  9 Jul 2013 A great feature on @thedailybeast by @Jossums about walking with wildebeest in the Serengeti http://thebea.st/12fXpkt  #safari #travel

The Borneo Project ‏@borneoaction  19 Apr 2014

AMAZING National Geographic piece on the lives of the #Penan in #Sarawak: http://ow.ly/vUthb  TY @jossums

Excellent article. Very moving and articulate. Congratulations.
– Will Travers, President, Born Free Foundation

Thank you for a fantastic article with wonderful pictures and informative and moving text.

Thanks for sharing a subject beautifully rendered that I knew nothing of!
– George Williams

Thrilled to contribute images to Joanna Eede’s latest National Geographic blog on the tribes of the Omo Valley.
For those not familiar with the crisis the tribes in the region are facing, Joanna’s article provides the reader with an excellent overview.

Feel free to have a look!
– Terry Hughes ‏@TerryHughesMtl 26 Apr 2013


What a brilliant article.
– Andrea Marshall

Worth clicking: great photo essay about the Nenets, an indigenous tribe in Siberia.

A wonderful and beautiful photo article that so clearly illustrates and poses the dilemma that “progress”,coupled with almost instant global awareness, always threatens “simpler”, but by no means lesser, ways of life and even species.

Thank you for a fantastic article with wonderful pictures and informative and moving text. The Ashaninka’s resistance and strength is hugely inspiring.

Wow.. Just speechless. It’s an amazing story.
– Dina Fitriany, Jakarta, Indonesia

For all peoples of the world are men‘ … Important history poignantly written by Joanna Eede.
– Benjamin ‏@benvenceremos 25 Apr 2012

Hope every1 had a gr8 Xmas Best gift I rec’d was ‘We Are One: A Celebration of Tribal Peoples‘ by @survival #indigenous

Joanna Eede has an excellent piece on Huffington Post Green discussing the western idea of “wilderness” and how it often excludes indigenous peoples. 

Eede points out that the environmental movement still has a lot of work to do to involve tribal people in the discussions on conservation of lands. It’s an excellent read, and recommended.
– Triple Bottom Line @3blnow 31 Aug 2011

Joanna – Excellent! A superb photo essay. Well done.
– Professor Jules Pretty, Author

Terrific article on a wonderful alliance of lion researchers and conservationists.
– Susan McConnell